Sutherland Digital


From training librarians in the brand new browser “Mosaic” back in the early 1990s to surfing the recent multichannel (omni-channel!) wave, I have seen a lot of change in the digital landscape over the years.  And it’s this deep understanding of the online environment that can help your business find it’s way online – whether you are a brand new sole trader, a small business looking for the next growth step, or an established business looking for increased ROI and lead generation from online activity.

I have worked with global brands such as Cricket Australia, Hallmark Cards, and OfficeMax, as well as small businesses just getting started.  Areas I can help with include:

  • Ecommerce / multichannel marketing
  • Social Media
  • SEO and SEM
  • General Strategy
  • Email marketing programs
  • Analytics and Insights

Contact Alison on 0419 551 720 or email using the contact us form.